propertyind Help Line
I. Defined Terms:
II. Commencement of Service
III. Subscription Fees
IV. Payment
V. Cancellation
VI. Obligations of User/Subscriber
VII. Prohibited Actions
VIII. Confidentiality & Security
IX. Maintenance
X. Termination
XI. Liabilities upon Termination
XII. Suspension of Service
XIII. Violation of Terms & Conditions
XIV. Disclaimer
XV. Limitation of Liability
XVI. Use of Information/Data Supplied
XVII. Indemnity
XVIII. Confidentiality
XIX. Variation
XX. Discontinuation or Modification to Services
XXI. Notices
XXII. Non-exclusive Remedy
XXIII. Waiver
XXIV. Entire Agreement
XXV. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
XXVI . Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
XXVII . Privacy Policy
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